About Us

Bio S.I. Technology was incorporated in 2006, but we have been active in the soil inoculant field since the early nineties. At our headquarters in Justin, Texas, we work continually to make our organic soil products the best in the industry. The S.I. in our name stands for Soil Inoculant—the microbial products we produce are to help rebuild, restore and renew your soil naturally.

The members of our management team have more than 40 years of combined experience in the industry; our chief scientist has worked for more than 20 years in the production of microbial products that benefit the soil. Bio S.I. Technology has worked with leaders in the microbial industry at universities and with industry leaders around the world to stay on the cutting edge of natural microbial production.

Bio S.I. is not a soil remediation company but a change agent that produces products that rebuild, restore, and renew the soil—in ways that support nature—for more vigorous food crops, gardens, safer more complete soil remediation, and for the natural cleaning of ponds and water features. We are active in the field of animal probiotics after many requests from people around the country. Our new line has just been released and is off to a strong start. This will be a beneficial and helpful line of products from Bio S.I. Technology.