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To Whom It May Concern
Re: Bio- S.I. on dry bulb onions ( Allium cepa)
From: James H. King, Jr.: BS, MA

I am a consulting agronomist and have bben working primarily with International Farmers Supply Co. and Borders Melon Co. both of Edinburg, Texas, USA for the past four years. I have over 35 years experiance with production agriculture, pesticide & fertilizer sales and field research in the southern USA, Mexico & Central America and over 25 years experiance with soil microbial products.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Wayne Tucker and working with him and his products for over 18 years. The consistent & increasingly efficacious effects over time that I have seen with his products are:

  1. Reduced soil crusting with enhanced soil structure & inproved friability.
  2. Rapid seed germination & more uniform emergance.
  3. Increased nutrient uptake/availability.
  4. Enhanced diease resistance.
  5. Increased yields & improved quality.

"Onion trial with Borders Melon Co. - Crop cycle 2007-2008."

Split field trial: One side treated with Bio-S.I.™ + Humus vs the other side treated with more expensive microbial product


  1. More rapid germination & uniform emergance with Bio-S.I.
  2. More rapid & robust growth throughout the season with Bio-S.I.™ There was an obvious visual differance between the treatments. So much so that mechanical demarcation was never required.
  3. Increased yield & quality with Bio-S.I.™ Precise measurements were not taken because the Bio-S.I.™ advantage was obviously apparent.

    Note: Under our growing conditions the level of "hotness" (pyruvic acid) in onions seems to be correlated to the stresses of the onion is subjected to during the growing cycle. With the applications of Bio-S.I.™ the stresses are reduced due to the more prolific root system resulting in a milder flavored, less pungent onion.

The crop following the onions is grain sorghum (Sorghum bicolor). The grain on the portion of the fields where the onion crop was treated with the other biological product has severe micronutrient chlorosis. The portion of the fields where the onion crop was treated with Bio-S.I.™ the grain is growing well with very little micronutrient chlorosis. I would attribute the difference to (1) a healthier soil resulting in (2) an enhanced root system & (3) increased nutrient availability all as a result of the activity of Bio-S.I.™ microbes. At this point I anticipate a -50% grain yield difference. Soil type, cropping & nutrition history were the same for all test fields.

During the crop cycle of 2007 - 2008 Borders Melon Co. has applied Bio-S.I.™ to ~2,000 acres including onions, watermelons and citrus. It is our intention to increase the use of Bio-S.I.™ both in acreage covered & number of applications during the crop cycle.