Arena Program

Bio S.I. Technology’s Arena Program is the safe and effective option to eliminate the root cause of atmospheric ammonia in arenas, barns, stalls and trailers.

The Arena Program consists of Bio S.I. Floor-Mate, our tried and tested environmental spray, and Bio S.I. NutraHume, our proprietary humic acid product.

The Bio S.I. Arena Program is always developed specifically for your event. Factors that are specific to your location, event and facilities are calculated to determine the correct amount of each product used.

Bio S.I. Technology’s products are proprietary soilborne microbial products. We use naturally occurring microbes to eliminate and remediate environmental concerns. Other products use odorants, enzymes, soaps, or harmful acids for odor reduction. Why use a once-and-done enzyme or an odorant instead of eliminating the cause? We at Bio S.I. believe using beneficial soil microbes to do their job is the most efficient and effective way.


Some frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)


Q Should I be concerned if Floor-Mate or NutraHume get on animals, their feed or water?

A No. These are natural, non-harmful products and will not harm animals if applied topically or ingested.

Q How often should the products be applied?

A Nightly applications are recommended. We have found that smaller applications more frequently work better than larger, infrequent applications.

Q How much water should be applied with the given rates?

A Only enough to cover the designated area. Water is a carrier and does not necessarily improve the effectiveness; over-application of water does not necessarily decrease effectiveness, either.

Q Can I use this program at home?

A You could, but we have found that simply using Floor-Mate alone is sufficient for smaller scales.

Q Does the arena program work everywhere, every time?

A No. Bio S.I. Technology personnel work directly with expo managers and ideally tour the facility during program development. We do this to ensure that our program is a great fit for your facility and event.

Q What conditions would cause the arena program not to perform?

A No air flow. If a facility does not have good air flow or exchange it is almost impossible to make any improvements.

Q What if the total amount of product is underestimated for an event, will I have to pay for the extra?

A No. with a quarterly payment or paid in full subscription of $10,000 or more, additional product up to 50 gallons each will be supplied at no extra cost.

Bio S.I. Technology Arena Program yearly subscription

Take the hassle out of your arena odor management program by subscribing to Bio S.I. Technology’s Arena Program for a whole year!

By subscribing to the Bio S.I. Arena Program for a whole year you will get hassle-free automatic shipments, tailored protocol development and extended consultation.

How does it work?

  1. Contact Bio S.I. Technology and ask to speak to our Arena Program specialist.
  2. Set up a site visit and consultation to identify your needs and expectations.
  3. Identify the spaces used for events throughout the year.
  4. Estimate the number of days, types of animals and number of events throughout the year.
  5. The Bio S.I. specialist will build an application prescription for each event for the year and quantities will be shipped ahead of the event.
  6. Save money by subscribing to the yearly program based on the total amount of product for the year.
  7. Payments can be set up on a monthly or quarterly schedule and can be paid all at once in full.