My name is Lee Morris. I'm the Lead Athletic Field Technician at Angelo State University. I have been taking care of the athletic fields at A.S.U. for over ten years. I started applying the Bio Si soil microbes to the athletic fields in the spring of 2009. I'm in my third year ofthis program. I've seen three major effects of the microbes: less compaction, more root depth, and fire ant displacement.

The biggest effect of the three is less compaction. The middle of the football field has the highest level of foot traffic. There I can take my half inch soil probe and pushit down six to eight inches. Previously I could push it maybe four or five inches.

That is when I can see the next biggest effect, increased root depth. The roots will come out of the bottom ofthe core at six to eight inches at a mowing height of one and a half inches, compared to four or five inches previously.

The last ofthe three major effects is fue ant displacement. The fire ants have all moved off the playing surface of the athletic fields because the top six to eight inches of soil is loose enough that it won't hold up the under structure oftheir mound. Previously I was having to regularly treat the athletic fields for fire ants.