Bio-S.I. = Flowers and Marital Harmony

Billi Jean Yewens

Money, kids and the bed. Most marriage counselors would agree for the majority of wedded couples these are the top three areas of disagreement: where the money goes, how the children are raised and what happens in bed. My husband of twenty-five years, Harry Yewens, and I, like most other couples, have engaged in spirited quarrels over money. We have fussed and fumed at one another regarding discipline and privileges for the children. However, the most embattled mud slinging in our marriage has been over the flowerbeds!

Harry holds a Bachelor’s of Science from Texas A & M., with a specialty in turf science. Harry is an agronomist. The technical definition of “agronomist” is the growing of crops for profit. After fifteen years as “Director of Agronomy” at Old Orchard Golf Course, in Richmond, TX, Harry is nationally renowned as being extremely effective and efficient at growing grass. To some of his vendors and salesmen he is fondly nicknamed, “B.L.” (Which stands for Bottom Line). He likes his golf courses to be beautifully maintained, with as little expense as possible. My husband is a fiscally conservative “grass man”.

I am a florist. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Leadership, and studied to be a counselor. Flowers, to me, are more than mere petals, stems and leaves. Flowers elicit emotions. Flowers are shared in times of joy, celebration and grief. I am a financially free-spending flower elitist.

I have used profuse amounts of water, fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides; whatever was necessary to grow abundant, quality flowers.

As a result of our opposing agricultural beliefs, turf wars have resulted within our marital union. Harry does not water the roses enough. I water the roses too much. I bought the priciest pesticides to kill the bugs on the azaleas. Harry denied any pest were present on the azaleas. I fertilized the zinnias weekly. Harry weakly fertilized any of the flowerbeds. Dust storms brewed in our flowerbeds, and on occasions whirling dervishes wildly whipped about as one of us condemned the other’s horticultural ability.

When we moved to our current home in 2000, like siblings drawing an imaginary line on the seat of a car during a family vacation, we agreed to split the flowerbeds. The front beds were mine. The backyard beds were his. Just like the evaporation of the imaginary line, in a short space of time, he was planting ornamental grass in my Iris’s beds, and I was deep watering his dying dwarf oleanders. The battle had begun, again.

“There is a season for everything,” (Ecclesiastes 3:1). Thank you, God, for winter.

Harry attended the Golf Course Superintendents’ Conference in Atlanta, GA, in early February 2006. Early February is also the most frantic time of year for frizzled florists. I suggested it might be nice if Harry would bring home a treat to his hard-working wife while he was on vacation. He assured me he would. He did. Harry brought home a gallon of Bio-S.I..

Having anticipated something smaller that sparkled, I was not impressed with my liquid souvenir. When Harry mentioned, he was “given” the gallon of Bio-S.I. for me to try, my interest in mysterious microbes did not multiply, nor improve the quality of our marriage, as the labeling on the bottle promised to do for depleted soil. Yet, after reluctantly reading the information about the “Hundred-percent Environmentally friendly microbes”, memories of my hipper days flashed-back and my curiosity was piqued. Hallucinations of big, bright, beautiful “FLOWER POWER” filled my imagination.

In the spring, I began experimenting. Much to my delight, Bio-S.I. performed beyond any of my wildest expectations. My blooming plants are stronger and have more buds. The colors of the flowers are more intense and vibrant. The plants are less prone to pest and fungus. And…they require less water!

From the slippery edge of marital terra firma, a miracle product arrived in our lives. Bio-S.I. resolved our turf battles. Finally, we have the answer to “his” and “hers” gardening philosophies. Less expense, less water and abundant flowers, green grass and lush plants!

With Bio-S.I. I do not need the expensive fungicides, fertilizers and pesticides I formerly purchased. I no longer use any of the products I routinely spent several hundred dollars a year on, and I have a flower garden that is more beautiful than any I have grown in the past.

My greatest challenge now is keeping up with the multiplications and divisions of all the new growth the Bio-S.I. is creating from the existing plants. Almost every one of my potted plants has multiplied into four potted plants.

Dirt, now I just buy dirt. This for some reason does not seem to bother my “Aggie” husband. Perhaps because dirt is all that is needed with Bio-S.I., the beneficial microbes naturally assist the roots of the plants in getting the most nutrients out of the soil. Since I do not have a degree in agronomy, the science of it is a bit of a mystery to me. I just know I adore the results Bio-S.I. has on my flowers. With the marriage failure rate at over fifty-percent, I am grateful for a product that reduces any conflict in our lives. I will accept Bio-S.I. as a gift of divine intervention, and in our case possibly divorce prevention.

Finally, Harry and I have a garden of love. We still argue over money and the kids. But, at last we have flowerbeds of bliss!