R.D. Oprea, Account Rep
Bio-S.I. Turf Formula

June 28, 2006

Dear R.D.;

I want you to be the first to know that Bio-S.I. has become an integral part of my greens maintenance program at Weston Lakes Country Club. As recommended by the folks at Nolt Enterprises, I made an initial application of 1 gallon of Bio-S.I. T.S. per acre followed by monthly applications thirty days apart at a rate of one quart of product per acre. I have observed some truly amazing results that I attribute directly to the use of Bio-S.I.

Our Men’s Golf Association sponsored a 3-day member / guest event in mid-May and the tournament committee requested that I have the greens ‘as fast as I could get them.’ My initial thought was ‘be careful what you wish for.’ Nevertheless, we were double mowing Tifdwarf Bermudagrass at .115 mm., double rolling and subsequently shut down the pump station prior to the 1st round. By Sunday afternoon and following the last round, the greens had turned to a golden brown. A number of members were concerned that I had taken the greens over the edge. However, green viable tissue could be detected upon closer observation. Of course we returned to normal irrigation cycles following the tournament. Since Memorial Day weekend was imminent and in spite of the fact we only raised mowing heights to .125, the recovery was remarkable. By Wednesday of the week following the tournament, the deep green hue had returned to the putting surfaces and many of the members remarked of the incredible change in the overall health and appearance of the greens. I have to attribute this remarkable recovery to my usage of Bio-S.I., especially since I had sprayed ‘out’ the poa trivialis overseed with Monument during the fourth week of April…I was 100% Bermudagrass during this period of the member/guest and the greens looked like they had hit their mid-summer stride.

Upon coring root samples during this period, root mass and root development had increased significantly leading me to believe that the beneficial microorganisms in Bio-S.I. were doing what they are intended to do. As I said, we have made subsequent applications of Bio-S.I. and have reduced granular fertilizer applications by 50% since March. I am sure since the greens at Weston Lakes are 25 years old that a good bit of nutrients have been ‘tied-up’ in the soil profile. I have to believe that the microorganisms are responsible for aiding in the release of nutrients that have heretofore been unavailable to the plant roots. I will continue the ‘maintenance’ program through overseeding since the Bio-S.I. representatives have pointed out to me that the microbes are beneficial in the degradation of the seedcoat which will lead to quicker germination and establishment.

Thanks again for letting me share my experience.

Harry Yewens, CGCS
Golf Course Superintendent