December 10,2005

Mark R. McCarel
The Country Club
2825 Lander Road
Pepper Pike, Ohio 44124

To Whom It May Concern:

I had the opportunity to use Micro+Plus, a soil conditioner, referred to me by R.D. Oprea in the spring of 2005,

During the 2005 golf course season, many golf courses in the Midwest and Eastern states suffered from extreme weather conditions of high temperatures followed by heavy rainfall, Efforts to maintain our popular tournament-like course conditions at The Country Club involved many chemical and non-chemical applications, one of which was Micro+Plus.

I applied Micro+Plus to two different areas: the golf course fairways and our equipment wash bay. I used it on the golf course to condition the soil. Two to three weeks following the application, I saw sufficient recovery of worn areas in the fairways. Although results in the golf course conditions were attributed to many factors, such as improved weather patterns, proper watering techniques, etc., I believe that the application of Micro+Plus assisted in the recovery. These positive results have convinced me to apply it again next year.

I also used this product during the 2005 Ohio golf season to manage the organic waste created in our equipment wash bay from our mower clippings. The enzymes in this product were effective in breaking down the organic waste contained in the clippings. The sludge material that we normally see in our equipment bay was significantly decreased due to the use of Micro+Plus.

Mark R. McCarel
Golf Course Superintendent