Baton Rouge, Louisiana

*I have had problems with my residential sewer service line for the past three months. I had the city send out a large sewage pressure tank truck three times during these three months. On their third trip out they sent the camera crew to view the pipe. The service line went directly under a Chinese Tallow Tree which is notorious for seeking water. I had about a 90% stoppage in the line. My estimate on resolving this problem was $500 dollars minimum. It was going to cost me $250 dollars to have the tree removed and another $250 to rent a small backhoe to remove the bad section in the sewer line under the tree. I decided to use the Septic Cleanser product to see if it would clear the pipe. I put a quart of the septic cleanser in one of the toilets. To my surprise, approximately a week later the line was clear. Fantastic!! By using this product instead of one of the toxic products on the market, I not only solved my problem inexpensively, I did not use any toxic chemicals in doing so. I also saved the $500 dollars. Burney Morgan*


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