Mr. Babineck;

I read this morning with great interest your article in "The Houston Chronicle" on the current drought effecting the better part of 60-70% of the entire state of Texas. The crop and weather forecast does not appear to call for a reprieve in the near term. My interest stems from a 'new' product that is as old as soil itself.

Microorganisms of course, have been a part of soil since the beginning of soil. Neither is the production of microorganisms a new phenomenon. However, there is one company in North Texas that is producing microorganisms in a process that is 100% organic, 100% natural and 100% safe to the environment, that company is Bio-S.I. Technology, L.L.C. At this time I will not diverse into a synopsis of all the benefits of soil-borne microorganisms, but the use of this new product has demonstrated increased yields in droughty environments, especially dryland farming. Other benefits are significant, but what is more bottom-line than increased yields?

This product is in the early stages of marketing to farmers, turfgrass managers, horticulturalists and other interests in the green industry. There is no other product that we are aware of currently produced with the far reaching benefits that these microorganisms possess. Many other processes are either linked to a laboratory setting or related to a manure-based creation...microorganisms from this type process are limited by temperature extremes, short-lived existence and shelf life and the introduction of pathogenic types.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss further. It is full of human interest and the small company responsible for this process is a success story in the making. The product has already been used successfully in nine countries and over twenty five states.

Thank you, Harry Yewens


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