Here is the PDF for the Lamar University soccer field.

Here is the story.

Bio Landscape, one of the largest landscape companies in this area got the contract to build a new sand base soccer field for Lamar University, but their was a big time issue. The field had to be completed and ready to play on by Sept 21st. That was a hard deadline...

We install the fertigation system on the irrigation system, but they had a problem getting water connected and lost two weeks. When they sodded the field with Bermuda grass and started irrigating we started injecting and added two quarts of your turf product. We pushed the injection and injected Bio-S.I. Turf Formula and UAN 32-0-0 with 20-20-20.

The requirement for the completion of the field was that roots had to be at least 3.5" deep. When they inspected the field on Sept 18th with the contractor and coaches the field looked great and the roots were 3.5" deep and some areas 8" deep.

The University was very happy and will purchase the injector and two more for other fields at the school

We now have moved the fertigation system to another field that Bio Landscape is growing in and more to follow.

Your product was very important in the grow-in of the roots.


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