Lawns & Gardens

Plants help create a special space outside your home—a lush, green lawn, flower beds brimming with colorful, vivid blooms, a garden full of fresh, healthy vegetables.

But you may worry about how the fertilizers and chemicals you’ve been using on your plants will impact the environment—and your family’s as well as your pets’ health.

Bio S.I. is a soil inoculant with a broad and diverse spectrum of naturally occurring, beneficial soil-derived microbes and enzymes for rebuilding the soil. Our Lawn and Garden products can help you move from conventional chemical lawn and garden practices to programs that use organic fertilizers, organic weed control, and so on. Natural programs work best, we just have to select the products we want to use according to how they impact the environment.

Bio S.I. Lawn & Garden Formula and Lawn & Garden Select will help you get the results you want with fewer chemicals, reducing the negative impact on our environment and the risk to your family and pets. Bio S.I. Lawn & Garden Formula will help loosen the soil, improve water penetration, and enhance the efficiency of the fertilizers and chemicals, so you can use less. It helps improve the soil vigor and the nutrients available to your plants.

Bio S.I. Lawn & Garden Select gives you the benefit of soil microbes plus the benefit of 4 different mycorrhizal fungi to add to improving your lawn and garden. This combination of microbes and fungi helps the plants get nutrients that would not normally be available to them. This product also helps build the humus fraction of the soil faster because the breakdown of plant debris will be faster. Bio S.I. Lawn & Garden Select also improves the overall vigor of plants. It is safe and works well on any part of your lawn or garden plants.

Make Bio S.I. Lawn and Garden products part of your lawn and garden program and over time you’ll see:

  • Your soil becoming looser, richer, and easier to dig as chemical residues built up in the soil begin to decompose; it will smell "earthier," too
  • Your plants developing more vigorous growth
  • Better water penetration of the soil, so your plants require less watering
  • Better results with less use of fertilizers and chemicals
  • A more vigorous lawn, flower beds, and vegetable gardens
  • More earthworms and helpful insects as the soil environment improves