Native & Improved Pasture


Native and improved pastures are a primary source of roughage for the majority of livestock producers. Management of pastures for grazing and hay production is a vital aspect to any farm or ranch operation. Over time and through the use of herbicides and pesticides coupled with inadequate nutrition management, our pastures lose diverse soil life. By using two of Bio S.I. Technology’s agriculture products, Agricultural Formula and SD 25, you can begin to rebuild, restore and renew the soil life that is essential for feeding your plants. When these two natural microbial products are merged with your current management program, you will add the soil life that rebuilds the soil tilth, improves water and nutrient efficiency, and puts carbon or “humus” back in the soil. This is important because humus is what holds on to the water and the nutrients so they don’t run off your land to the ditch.

Bio S.I. Agricultural Formula, when used in conjunction with a high-quality fertilizer, not only improves production but also improves the nutrient quality of the crop. Plants, whether native or improved, will become more vigorous. Soil will have a greater humus fraction which will retain a greater amount of moisture, increasing the drought tolerance of plants.

Bio S.I. SD 25 used at the beginning of the season before initial cutting or at the end of the season after the last cutting will recycle nutrients found in the overburden, thatch, and manure. Beneficial microbes in Bio S.I. SD 25 rapidly decompose organic matter and allow those nutrients to become available to the plants when they need it the most. 

Bio S.I. Technology products come ready to use; simply mix in a sprayer at the recommended rate. The products are versatile and fit any management system and tank mix seamlessly with liquid fertilizers. Why waste money on all that fertilizer only to have your plants use 30% and waste the rest? Ensure your livestock and horses get the nutrition they require from their forage this season. Stop wasting your money and call Bio S.I. Technology today to get started!


Pastures & hay meadows producing nutritious forage will save money all year long. When used for forage production, Bio S.I. products will:

  • Help rebuild soils that produce more vigorous plants
  • Improve soil's ability to hold water and nutrients more efficiently, reducing run-off
  • Build the humus fraction of soils, which improves water and nutrient efficiency
  • Restore life to worn out "dirt," making it productive soil again
  • Recycle valuable nutrients from plant residues of previous crops