To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this reference letter in regard to my test use of the Bio-S.I. product.

During the spring and summer of 2004 I was able to test the effectiveness of Bio-S.I. on turf.

After spraying establishing 419 sod I found that the treated turf produced many more white fibrous roots than the turf that was not sprayed with Bio SI.. The treated turf had rooted out and established much quicker than the same turf, which was not treated.

Update 8/1/05

Since using this product initially, I have used Bio-S.I. several times in the renovation and re-establishment of turf from heavy foot traffic on sports fields. I found that these areas regenerated much faster with the use of Bio-S.I.

I am presently using it on 10 baseball fields and 6 soccer fields in the Town of Flower Mound.


I would recommend the use of Bio-S.I. as I have found that it really does work.

Michael J. Reber

Park Services Manager
Town of Flower Mound
972-874-6273 Office
972-822-0047 Cell