Nick Oprea
N.E.P., Inc.
1180 Yacht Club Rd.
Oak Point, Tx. 75068

Dear Nick,

You introduced us to Bio-S.I.™ approximately 3 months ago. You came into Preston Trail Stone and told us about your product and we made the best decision of our life. That was to carry your product. I personally work at Preston Trail Stone and was so excited to try the product that I bought some the same day and went home to feed a "dead" plant. It worked miracles and my plant came back. It is healthy and strong. I had wonderful flowers, trees, vegatables, grass, etc.

My friend came to my house and was telling me about one of her plants at home that was looking really bad so I told her about Bio-S.I.™ She bought some and tried it and now she has a plant she calls resurrected ivy.

I have told everyone that will listen to me about Bio-S.I.™ and have sold many bottles of it. I can't say enough about what it has done for me. It is easy to tell people how great it is, because it is.

Thanks again Nick, for introducing us to Bio-S.I.


Joyce Canavan

Little Elm, Texas 75068