Five Star Hereford Ranch

Collinsville, Texas

To Whom It May Concern:

Two years ago I was about ready to call it quits. Seven years before I had bought the ranch of my dreams, 70 acres in Collinsville, Texas. I bought 60 head of cattle and released them to the fields to feed. For the next five years my grass wouldn’t grow and my cattle lost weight. I was burring more than butchering. I called everyone I could think of and no one would come to my ranch, they wanted to talk over the phone, send emails, and ask me to send pictures. Finally someone recommended the Noble Foundation. They sent some representatives to see if they could make some recommendations that would help me with my ranch. They showed up, drove around, never got out of the truck, never took a soil sample, never took a water sample, or a grass sample. They concluded from their drive by analysis that there was nothing wrong with the grass, and I should sell all my cows because this appeared to be the problem. They had someone who could help with that. That was their last trip to the farm.

Before they had made it out of the driveway I called Texas Plant and Soil Lab in Edinburg, TX. From this point on I have had nothing but professional help, and have complete confidence in everything they help me with. They recommended I work with Wayne Tucker. The working relationship has been great. Most everyone I had dealt with in the past is only concerned about getting the check and getting out of here, or doing everything over the phone or computer, never wanting to come to the farm and look at the problem. Wayne never talked about money when he first came, only about what the problems were and how we could fix them, and spent a lot of time explaining everything, and walking the pasture.

My grass has increased each year, along with the clovers, and vetch. I had sterile land due to over farming, and over use fertilizers. The previous owners had used anhydrous ammonia, so there was no soil life at all. The soil sample showed I was deficient in everything, someone told Wayne he had never seen a soil sample that had almost nothing in it. The first thing we did was decide what fertilizers we needed not what someone wanted to sell me. We laid out the plan and only used what the budget would allow. We talked about this being a 5 year plan and to do things in stages.

Since using Bio SI's soil rebuilding program the soil activity has increased, there are dung beetles and earthworms everywhere. One of the biggest difference's I've noticed is in the cows, they are much healthier, slicker coats, and they don't bawl every time they see me. They were always hungry before. Previously there would be grass but they wouldn't eat it. Now, I can go walk through the cows while they are laying down, they are completely satisfied. The food quality of the grass is much better and it shows on the cows. I always said my cattle did better in the winter when I was feeding hay and cubes than they did in the summer eating the grass here. That is not so this year. I have had a big shift in the grass, cows, and overall health of the land.

In my opinion Bio SI Technology, Texas Plant and Soil, and Bubba King have been the most knowledgeable, honest and professional people I have dealt with, and there program definitely works.


Devan Nelsen