Bioremediation processes are not new. Bioremediation has been used for more than a hundred years. Nature is the best bioremediation platform there is. The microbes in the soil can handle untreated oil spills easily with a little help from soil inoculants to speed the process up by increasing soil diversity. It is the most effective way to deal with hydrocarbon spills. When bioremediation is used, you are not contaminating another area or increasing contaminates like we currently do with disposal sites. Dig and haul only changes the contaminated site to another and in the process, little spills from the trucks spread the contaminants all along the route taken to the sites for disposal. The in-situ process of remediation, when possible, is better for the environment because it removes contaminates completely in place instead of moving it to another site where it will need to be dealt with in the future at a much higher price.

Oil, diesel, and gas spills on land and in water can have a devastating effect on the environment in the short term. But over time, through an added boost from its own agents, nature can handle the cleanups more efficiently than chemical cleanup programs do.

Bio S.I. Remediation Formula treats environments polluted with organic and inorganic substances through the use of natural biological/microbial agents at the site of contamination. This reduces the practice of further concentrating contaminates at other disposal sites.

Bio S.I. Remediation Formula:

  • Treats spills on site, eliminating the need for a costly second party to excavate and remove contamination
  • Removes hydrocarbons from wastewater to ease the load on the wastewater treatment plant
  • Remediates spills within secondary containment areas to insurance compliance with storm water management plans
  • Expedites the process of tank cleaning by converting heavy, oily sludge to light floating oil
  • Remediates around well heads where leaks have occurred
  • Remediates around fuel tanks on farms, ports, sport fields, and golf courses where equipment is refueled

You can rely on Bio S.I.’s discretion and confidentiality when it comes to cleanup for oil and/or gas spills.