Septic Systems

No one likes to deal with a poor performing septic system. Odors, stinking wet areas in the lawn, and costly repairs are just the beginning of problems when septic systems start to fail. Keep your septic system working properly and your family happy with Bio S.I.’s specially formulated Septic Cleanser--the natural way to maintain your system.

Bio S.I. Septic Cleanser is an all-natural product that consists of environmentally safe microbes that digest the solids and organic matter in your system. The microbes in Bio S.I. Septic Cleanser will keep your septic system’s lines and tanks free of sludge build up. This means the waste is not clogging the lines causing back-gassing into the home, lines that gurgle, and fewer calls to the septic company to come pump the system.

Bio S.I. Septic Cleanser can be used on traditional or aerobic septic systems. The formula contains aerobic microbes that work in the presence of oxygen and facultative anaerobes that work with or without oxygen so your system functions effectively. There are no pathogens or laboratory-modified microbes in our products, so they won’t harm people or animals.

Sink drains and garbage disposals: You may also put an ounce of Septic Cleanser down each of your sink drains monthly to help keep them flowing and odor free. Septic Cleanser used at the same rate of one ounce down the garbage disposal helps keep it clean and odor free also (use once or twice a week depending on usage).

Septic Cleanser for maintaining drains in high rise buildings: Septic Cleanser may be used in high rise buildings to maintain the lines for sinks and sewer lines. It will keep the lines clean with fewer clogged lines leading to fewer calls to the maintenance company. Treatments for older buildings should begin on the bottom floor and move up one floor a month. This will prevent clogging as the Septic Cleanser removes sludge from the walls of the lines. If any of the old lines have holes in them they will be exposed as the pipes are cleaned of sludge build up that may have plugged the hole.

Bio SI Technologies Septic Cleanser: By John Young of the Weekend Handyman

Bio S.I. Septic Cleanser will:

  • Help digest the waste and keep the septic system clean
  • Stop sludge build up in the lines and tanks, reducing the risk of back up into your home
  • Keep your system free of odor
  • Keep the soil percolating so wet areas don’t occur
  • Reduce the chance of line blockage
  • Maintain a healthy, problem-free system when used once monthly

Note: Bio S.I. Septic Cleanser can’t correct a drainage problem due to a system being built on a rock formation, broken lines, etc.; there must be an adequate amount of soil to handle the amount of liquid produced by the system.