Soil Building Program

Agricultural practices such as poor tillage practices overuse of chemicals, and salts have taken their toll on farm soils. Plus many areas have been practicing clean till farming year round with no cover or soil building crops. They leave little plant debris behind and carbon is at an all-time low in soils across the country. This practice is causing the loss of many feet of quality top soil due to wind and water erosion. Soils are much more than media that hold the plants in place. Soil houses many forms of life that we have taken for granted or just simply ignored for the past 80 years. Nature is now demonstrating to us that we have got to start making some changes or we will not be able to grow the needed food for our country. The quality of our crops depends on the nutrients the soil can hold in place for the plants to utilize. This ability of the soil to perform this critical functional is minimal in most soils today. Bio S.I. products are change agents that rebuild, restore, and renew those damaged soils. Farmers will have to make some changes in their practices to help reverse this trend, but Bio S.I. Ag products can help make the changes go smoother and help improve the soil at the same time.

Bio S.I.’s products contain a broad and diverse population of soil borne microbes that naturally produce the enzymes needed to perform the necessary functions in your soil to help sustain the plant and the microbes together. Microbes don’t care what the crop is; their function is to help any plant grow so the plant will provide nutrients they need.

Farmers have used Bio S.I. Ag products with great success on:

Alfalfa Barley Corn
Cotton Cucumbers Soybeans
Milo Wheat Oats
Rice Peanuts Potatoes
Tomatoes Olives Onions
Squash Beans Grapes
Strawberries Bananas Blueberries
Melons Sugar Cane Sugar Beets
Fruit trees Tobacco Turf
Nut trees Shrubs Carrots
Sesame Canola Grapes
Caster beans and other crops of South America and Mexico

And many other crops both in lawns, gardens, and commercial agriculture (row crops, hydroponics, horticulture, and citrus production).

But the most important function of microbes is to rebuild the soil carbon called humus. This is the part of the soil that holds water and nutrients in the rhizosphere for the plants. This comes from plant debris, animal debris, plus all small life forms in the soil as they multiply and die. Every living thing depends on this activity to sustain life whether on land or in the water.

Bio S.I.’s liquid inoculant products:

  • Contain no laboratory-engineered microbes.
  • Non-manure based, so they can be applied at any time in the growing cycle.
  • May reduce the amount of fertilizer and other chemical inputs required to maintain crop production levels.
  • Have been tested and used in many countries, including the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Brazil, China, Bulgaria, Ireland, and Australia.
  • Break down plant and animal debris to build the humus fraction of the soil (carbon).
  • Improve the soil tilth by reducing residues from chemicals and animals from the soil.