Turf Building

Superintendents of golf courses and managers of athletic complexes for cities, universities, and schools today are under a lot of pressure to reduce and, in some states, eliminate the use of certain chemicals. This leaves turf professionals looking for new techniques to improve golf course environment issues. Bio S.I. Turf products can help in all aspects of your turf fertilization program and improve water management of your golf course, campus, or city youth park. Your golf course, athletic field, city park, or turf farm already possesses much of what it needs to produce green, robust growth all year round, it just needs the right biological catalyst to unlock them and put them to work for your turf. Many turf programs have used far more fertilizer than needed in most cases, so the soil has a lot of fertilizer that has been unavailable to the turf and all that is needed to make it available is the microbes in Bio S.I. Turf products.

Bio S.I. Turf Formula will release tied up nutrients and breakdown chemical residues naturally, economically, and efficiently, and improve the environment at the same time.

Bio S.I. Turf Formula is a soil inoculant with a broad and diverse spectrum of naturally occurring beneficial soil-derived microbes and enzymes for rebuilding the soil. The microorganisms in Bio S.I. Turf Formula will helo produce courses and fields that are notable for their quality and their vigor.

Bio S.I. Turf Formula may help:

  • Decrease the need for chemicals and reduce the costs associated with fertilizer, herbicides, and other chemicals
  • Improve the soil’s ability to absorb water, reducing water usage
  • Decrease thatch buildup, bare spots, and standing water
  • Disassociate salts (test water to determine what salts or minerals are in it)
  • Improve fertilizer efficiency
  • Save labor costs because less intervention is needed
  • Green up turf faster each spring
  • Improve the vigor of the turf, leading to better coverage and a better looking and performing turf
  • Improve recovery time from damage due to play or over use