Water Doctor

Keep your pond, lake, water garden, or fish pond cleaner and healthier with Bio S.I. Water Doctor. Unlike other products that claim to work overnight, using Water Doctor takes time and usually the results will last longer. It works quickly but it still depends on the level of contamination and what the contaminants are. You have to make it a program that considers the environment your water feature is in. For instance, you may need to take steps to control run off from a yard, golf course, or farm land. You can treat the run off areas with our Lawn and Garden products to help reduce the fertilizers and chemicals that make it to your pond by improving the uptake by the grass and other plants.

Bio S.I. Water Doctor is a blend of environmentally friendly microbes that help maintain clean, clear ponds by drastically reducing the nutrients needed to grow moss or algae. It helps clear pond water, reduce contaminants like organic sludge from dead and decaying plants and animal wastes, and makes a healthier pond for fish and birds.

Bio S.I. Water Doctor is a preventative treatment that works throughout the water layers and through the bottom sludge layers to digest organic wastes. It is not an algaecide, but a completely natural and ecologically friendly method of controlling the problems that commonly plague lakes and ponds.

The microbes in Bio S.I. Water Doctor are completely safe, making its use safe for humans, animals, fish, and plant life.

When you use Water Doctor, you should determine the problem and alleviate as much of what causes the problem as possible (like fertilizer run off). You may need to increase the buffer zone to allow more time for plants to utilize all the fertilizer before it gets to the water. You may need to treat the buffer zone with Bio S.I. Lawn and Garden products or Bio S.I. Ag + Humus to improve plant growth and root systems for large areas. Do not expect immediate overnight results. It takes time for the microbes to digest these contaminates and over time they will restore the clean water you want. Plan the treatment process and when completed, set up a routine maintenance program to help control future problems.

Bio S.I. Water Doctor

  • Helps clarify lake or pond water
  • Improves the aquatic environment for fish and wildlife
  • Breaks down organic waste in the water
  • Removes fertilizer compounds from pond water
  • Reduces accumulated organic bottom sludge
  • Reduces ammonia and organic odors
  • Adds beneficial microbes to the water