Why Bio S.I.?

Bio S.I. is the natural, environmentally friendly solution to soil improvement.

Unlike most soil improvement products on the market today, Bio S.I. does not try to enhance the soil simply by adding enzymes to its formulas. Instead, its solutions contain a broad and diverse population of soil borne microbes that naturally produce the enzymes needed to amend your soil and make it more productive and vigorous.

Bio S.I.’s products are organic and safe to use. We never use laboratory-engineered microbes, and all of our products are produced at our facility near Fort Worth in Justin, Texas.

We also do not use manure in any phase of production. That means you can use Bio S.I. soil inoculants at any time during the growing season for your vegetables and other crops that go from garden or field to the consumer. (Products made with manure may include harmful pathogens that can be passed on to humans and animals.)