Grain Sorghum test for 2008 growing season.

Grain was planted March 20th 2008 with good moisture at planting time on 36 inch rows.

Two strips were planted side by side with everything done the same way, except the fertilizer applications. One strip was fertilized with a 28 0 3 at 310# rate at a cost of $330 a ton. The next strip was sprayed with Bio-S.I. + Humus at a rate of a pint per acre at a cost of $10.10 per acre. The rest of the field had a half rate of fertilizer with 12.8 ounces of Bio-S.I. added per acre.

The whole field averaged 3,050#’s to the acre in a very mixed ground, from sandy hill to heavy black clay. The test plots were in heavy black clay and harvested on July 17th, 2008.

The traditional fertilized strip harvested 4180#s to the acre with moisture of 13.4 and a bushel weight of 57.

The Bio-S.I. + Humus strip harvested 4260#s to the acre with moisture of 12.1 and a bushel weight of 58.1.

The cost difference between the two test plots was $51.15 for traditional fertilizer and $10.10 for Bio-S.I. I just made over $40 per acre because of my input choice! (The people at Bio-S.I. Technology L.L.C. advised against using just Bio-S.I. + Humus alone, but my soil sample showed a good reserve of nitrogen so I wanted to test it without added fertilizer)

The field was sprayed with Bio-S.I. + Humus the year before with a cotton crop. These are my results and I’m very pleased with them knowing that fertilizer cost are going to be a lot higher in the coming years.

William Simnacher
Robstown, Texas