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To: Wayne Tucker

Re: Bio- S.I.

I have been in farming for over 30 years, growing almonds, walnuts, peaches and grapes. Our family also owned an agricultural laboratory for almost 20 years in which we tested soil, water, feed, food, tissue, milk, wine and many other products. We sold it 15 years ago and it is now A & L Agricultural Labs in Modesto, Ca.

I currently farm only almonds. I also consult with farmers mostly in California, but am now expanding into Idaho, Utah, Oregon and Washington. I work with farmers that grow almonds, walnuts, peaches, strawberries, raspberries, wheat, com, vegetables, alfalfa, grapes and other crops.

My main concern with the growers is plant nutrition and soil metabolism, and then we work on water quality. I stress the importance of balance in everything we do. Not only do we need to balance the nutrition in the soil and plant we also need a balance of biology in the soil so that everything we do to the soil will work properly. It is also important to use quality products to get these results; otherwise we are wasting everyone's time and money.

For 10 years I looked for a good biological that would give me everything I needed in one product and be economical to use. So many companies have you using four, five or six different products to do the job. A pint of this, a quart of that. Apply this one now and that one later. It became a chore to do (most were not economical) and most of the growers would stop the program. With Bio-S.1. it's one product, applied in the spring and fall or better yet small amounts, frequently. But the main thing is it's the same product each time. Every delivery is the same as the last one. I do not have to worry about variations in the Bio-S.I.™ with each shipment.

As for results, on my own ranch, which is very sandy soil with a CEC of four, over a two-year period I have doubled the organic matter in my soil using good nutrition and Bio-S.1. We are building the humus layer in the soil, which is very important, as that is where the nutrients, water and biology are held. As we build the humus layer we will use less water and fertilizer. We have also reduced the incidence of crown gall and other diseases on trees.

For my customers we have greatly reduced the effects of heat stress in berries and vegetables. Reduced the amount of fertilizer and water while reducing the incidence of disease. We have increased the shelf life and flavor. On a regular basis we have increased production while lowering the cost of inputs. We have taken soil that is harder than a rock and required a pickaxe to get a sample to where it is soft and workable to a depth of two feet, within two years. In this field we are using very little of the conventional fertilizers. We are using a very well made line of liquid nutrients and Bio-S.I.™ The Bio-S.I.™ is the key to making this program work. When the application of the Bio-S.I.™ is stopped the program ceases to work well.

John Witzke/ Owner
Water Right Technologies