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Bio S.I. Agricultural Formula

Item#: 701R

Bio S.I. Agricultural Formula is a liquid soil inoculant with a broad and diverse spectrum of naturally occurring, beneficial soil-derived microbes. They help rebuild the soil, convert organic matter to humus and help free up nutrients tied up in the soil. Plants are in a constant struggle to get nutrients they need at critical growth stages. Microbes work “hand-in-hand” with plants to get these nutrients to the plant in exchange for nutrients for their own use from plant exudates. If plant’s health is compromised, the exudates may not contain what the microbes need to survive.


Bio S.I. Agricultural Formula should be used as a part of your fertilizer program to improve the efficiency of any fertilizers and chemicals you use. It is hard for us to remember in today’s world, but prior to the development of industrial means to fix nitrogen, plants were totally dependent on microbes for nitrogen. Microbes are the only organisms known to transform gaseous nitrogen into an organic form (ammonia) that can be used by plants.

Bio S.I. Agricultural Formula is not crop-specific. It may be used on any crop to help improve the root system, reduce stress, and help improve nutrient and water efficiency. It is not a replacement for fertilizer. You should not reduce fertilizer without proper soil testing to determine if sufficient nutrients are in your soil for the crops you are growing. Bio S.I. Agricultural Formula will help release many tied up nutrients that the plant would not normally be able to get. This helps the crop be more productive and vigorous. Using compost is an excellent way of providing food for the microbes in the soil and those in Bio S.I. Agricultural Formula. Use fungicides when you must, but remember to re-apply the Bio S.I. Agricultural Formula at 4 – 6 ounces per acre to help re-establish the microbial community the fungicide just wiped out. This application is a cost-effective way to help your crop achieve maximum production.

Benefits of using Bio S.I. Agricultural Formula:

  • Reduces crusting
  • Improves water and fertilizer efficiency
  • Enhances plant vigor
  • Increases soil biological activity and organic matter


Apply Bio S.I. Agricultural Formula using surface spray rigs, pivots with injection systems, drip systems, and/or sprinkler systems. To avoid damage to microbes you will need to use impeller or diaphragm pumps—no roller or piston pumps—and keep the pressure at 40 psi or less. Bio S.I. Agricultural Formula may be applied with fertilizers with a pH from 6.0 to 7.2; otherwise apply separately. Apply the product as soon as possible; do not store for hours before spraying. 

Do not mix with fungicides or pesticides.

Application rates: Normal application is one pint per acre before planting; making small monthly applications (4 – 6 ounces per acre) is extremely beneficial for the crop and the soil during the growing season. This application may be made when applying foliar fertilizers or other inputs for the crop. Then in the fall, apply another pint to help reduce plant debris over the winter.



One Size Does Not Fit All

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