Remediation Kit

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Remediation Kit

Item#: 1010

The Bio S.I. Remediation Kit is designed for small contaminated areas where control is needed for treatment programs around oil/gas well heads to insure proper treatment regimens are being followed and the correct amount of products are being used. This remediation kit comes with the products needed for cleaning up spills from equipment, refueling stations, and also of ruptured tanks etc. It has the MRS #7 Remediation Formula (Microbes), Activator (Humic acid), and the Melaco (energy from carbohydrates) for getting the site off to a fast start. This kit will generally treat 1250 square feet 3-4 times depending on levels of contaminate, environment, and how fast the clean-up needs to occur. 


Remediation Kit Contains




The kit contains the following: One gallon of MRS #7 Remediation Formula, one quart of Activator, and one quart of Melaco. These items are in a 5 gallon pail with a screw on lid that is used to carry extra water if needed to mix the ingredients together to be sprayed over the site.


MRS #7 Remediation Formula: is the microbes that will be used to remediate the spill. Microbes are an efficient and environmentally friendly way to clean up spills around refueling tanks, equipment leaks/spills, and around oil/gas well heads. It is safe and cost effective compared to dig and haul methods. But you must check to see if local authorities require the dig and haul method.


Activator: Is a mixture of Humic acid and Fulvic and sea weed as a carbon source for the microbes to get started on. It aids in the growth and stimulation of the microbial activity at the site. This product is totally consumed by the microbes over time during the remediation process.


Melaco: Melaco is a energy source that starts rapid multiplication of the microbes and is none chemical in nature. It is totally consumed by the microbes over time.


The Bio S.I. Remediation Kit is a must have in the energy sector and around the farm fuel tanks or any heavy equipment facility that has their own fuel tanks on site. Other areas that would benefit from the M-R-S Kit are fire departments, city-park maintenance facilities, military bases, etc.