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Turf Select
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Turf Select

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For use on golf courses (greens, fairways, tee boxes), turf fields for baseball, football, soccer, or any other sport fields, as well as city parks, natural walk ways. Turf Select is to be used to improve the coverage, vigor of the turf, improve root mass and to reduce the use of fertilizers and chemicals. Turf Select should be made a part of your Spring turf applications to improve overall quality and appearance of your turf facility. Turf Select gives the extra boost of having not only the beneficial microbes and all the things they do for the soil but also the benefit of beneficial mycorrhizae fungi which helps the plant roots reach water and nutrients it would not normally be able to reach. Mycorrhizae also help to ward off many potential pathogenic fungi in the soil from getting to the roots to cause problems of growth, appearance and the use of costly fungicides.


Bio S.I. Turf Select acts as a bio-stimulant that helps to release bound up soil nutrients, improve water absorption and retention by converting plant debris to humus which holds water and nutrients in the rhizosphere naturally. Turf Select is an economical and safe alternative to increasing turf growth, root development and rapid greening without sacrificing safety. Turf Select’s diversity enables a broad range of activity which may improve productivity under the most severe growing conditions and stresses of modern, intensive golf course, sports field and turf maintenance practices. With ever increasing costs of traditional fertilizer and chemicals, Turf Select is a safe and economical alternative that will improve the efficiency of your treatment program. Turf Select should be used when over-seeding, transplanting and on the nursery turf to reduce chances of fungal infections and other diseases.


Benefits of using Bio S.I. Turf Select:


  • May be used when over-seeding or start new turf to improve growth and vigor of turf’
  • Help improve coverage, root mass, and depth of roots
  • Help improve water penetration reducing irrigation costs
  • Reduces fertilizer, herbicide, fungicide and other chemical use overall
  • Reduces thatch build up on greens, fairways and tee boxes
  • Decreases standing water on sports fields
  • Reduces hardpan and crusting issues
  • Reduces disease pressure
  • Make Bio S.I. Turf Select a part of your “Spring program” to get your turf off to the best start possible.


Application rates:


Golf courses: Greens: Use two quarts per acre of greens in the spring or when over seeding or transplanting new turf onto the greens for repairs.

Fairways & tee boxes: Use one pint per acre in the Spring. Also apply to any new turf applications or over seeding operations at one pint per acre. Under severe conditions use one quart per acre then go to the Turf Formula for the remainder of the season. Do not use filters smaller than a # 70.


Sports fields, city parks and walking paths: Use one quart per acre in the Spring. Also apply to any over seeding or repair areas as needed. Under severe conditions use two quarts per acre if soil conditions are bad due to salts and other issues caused by irrigation water.

Methods of application: Turf Select may be injected into irrigation or fertigation systems. Applications may be made by surface spray rigs, pump up sprayers, or back pack sprayers or other methods that will achieve uniform coverage. NOTE: Do not use filters smaller than a # 70