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Bio S.I. Select

Item#: 601R

Bio S.I. Select is a unique blend that contains a broad and diverse spectrum of naturally occurring, beneficial soil-derived microbes plus 4 different species of mycorrhizae. Mycorrhizae are beneficial fungi that help the plants and the soil at the same time along with the other microbes in the solution. The mycorrhizal fungi establish relationships with root tissues of their plant hosts; by penetrating the cortical cells of roots, the mycorrhizal hyphae supply the plant with phosphorus, sulfur, nitrogen and other micronutrients the plants would not normally be able to get. All this activity of the microbes and fungi help release nutrients beyond what is normally available through extensive microbial and fungal associations throughout the soil profile.


The microbes in Bio S.I. Select help rebuild the soil humus layer, restore soil tilth, and renew the soil life to help turn dirt into soil again. . Bio S.I. Select may be used as a seed treatment in furrow or knifed into the soil where plants are growing. It is used extensively in pretreatment of plant roots by dipping them into a solution containing Bio S.I. Select. This allows both the microbes and mycorrhizae to adhere to the roots and help establish a protective barrier as the roots start to grow. They also help the plant acquire essential nutrients during this stressful period of growth. It is hard for us to remember in today's world, but prior to the development of industrial means to fix nitrogen, plants were totally dependent on microbes for nitrogen. Microbes are the only organisms known to transform gaseous nitrogen into an organic form (ammonia) that can be used by plants.


Plants are in a constant struggle to get nutrients they need a critical growth periods. When these nutrients are not available, the production of that plant is compromised significantly. Microbes, fungi, and many other life forms in the soil are constantly working together to feed the plants so that the plants, in turn, feed them. We should always work to take care of the soil life that helps us produce crops with good nutrition, taste, and overall quality. When you use fungicides or other chemicals that harm the life in the soil remember to apply another application of Bio S.I. Select or Bio S.I. Agricultural Formula to help get the soil life to working again.

Do not use filters smaller than a #70. Mycorrhizal propagules will not pass through these filters.



Coverage: Approximately one pint per row-acre when sprayed or dribbled over the seed just before coverage. For post-emergence treatments, Bio S.I. Select may be knifed in to get the solution into the root zone. Growers have reported good results in placing it in a two-by-two band with pop-up fertilizer.


Seed bed application: Use a 1- to 2-inch band directed over of the seed prior covering. Use one pint per row-acre. This is the most cost-effective method of use for row crops. Use enough water to get even coverage.

Apply Bio S.I. products using surface spray rigs, pivots with injection systems, drip systems, and/or sprinkler systems.

To avoid damage to microbes, use impeller or diaphragm pumps—no roller or piston pumps—and keep the pressure at 40 psi or less.

Do not mix with fungicides or pesticides.




One Size Does Not Fit All

Bio S.I. products come in a variety of sizes to meet your needs.