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Bio S.I. RadiCoat One-Step Seed Primer

Item#: 1910


RadiCoat is a film forming seed primer coating used to absorb and retain moisture, thus creating a wettable surface. RadiCoat will increase the seed's moisture absorption in both the wet and dry states due to re solubility (via moisture activation) of the dry primer film. In the wet applications RadiCoat primer reduces the surface tension of the seed's surface, allowing better moisture absorption by the seed. In the dry seed coating applications, initial water-solubility of the coating matrix stimulates the same germination cycle. Thus, the seed's embryo is activated, initiating the process of germination. Early activation provides for vigorous germinations, allowing the seed radicle (primary root) to develop quickly. Localized seed nutrients, biological inoculants, and oxygen embedded in the coating are absorbed by the seed during this imbibing process with greater efficiency than traditional nutrient broadcasting techniques.



Features and Benefits

  • E-Z Application, Single-Step Seed Priming Process, Quick-Dry Water Soluble Bio- Friendly Coating
  • Promotes Quick Moisture Absorption (Imbibing) Into the Seed
  • Improves Germination Vigor Through Efficient Moisture Retention and Imbibing
  • Helps Seeds Utilize Locally Available Nutrients (Faster) During Germination
  • Seals In Natural Antibiotic Tannins, Polyphenols, and the like
  • Helps Increase Access to Soil Nutrients, post emergence
  • Cost-Effective for Most Types of Seeds, Increasing ROI (Return on Investment)




General Recommended Application Rates

Table 1 shows our general recommended application rates for RadiCoat. These rates may vary depending on the type of equipment used and the skill of the applicator.


Table 1. Recommended Application Rates Per Seed Weight


Pounds of Seed
Per Acre

Volume of Diluted RadiCoat
Per 100 lbs of Seed

1–100 12 fl. oz.
101–250 10 fl. oz.
251–500 5 fl. oz.
501–1,500 1.25 fl. oz.
1,500+ 0.25 fl. oz.


Wet-In Furrow



RadiCoat is used for both in-furrow and bagging operations, where it can be applied in field or in a seed coating facility equipped with drying and storage units before planting. RadiCoat is recommended for use in 1x1 dilutions when for most applications. This will promote the most cost effective deployment of RadiCoat while preserving its desired functional value.

Application rates with RadiCoat may vary somewhat depending on the type of equipment used, the skill of the applicator, and the geometry of the seed.

In Furrow:

Many applicators use an aerosol or atomization type sprayer mounted close behind the seed box to coat the seed as it exits the seed planter. It is not necessary to cover the entire seed; however, greater than 50% is optimal. This provides the best opportunity for maximum RadiCoat benefit.


Dry Coating for Bagging



RadiCoat dries quickly with all ingredients embedded within the coating, allowing primer and nutrients to reside directly upon the seed until activated by soil moisture. RadiCoat is water-activated. Once dissolved (even partially), all nutrients and other growth support agents are released for use by the seed, the emerging seedling, and adjacent soil microbes and other beneficial biologicals.



Cost Calculations & ROI


RadiCoat cost estimates can be computed by determining the net or diluted rate. When RadiCoat is diluted by 1x1 with water, the cost factor is reduced by 1/2 the cost of the liquid concentrate. The rate of return is calculated by adding this total to the cost of total materials normally used for each crop, adding a small percentage to overall harvested crop costs. Compare with previous crop yields to determine increases in overall returns.  

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