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Jackpot Livestock Probiotics

Item#: 1401R

Keep your animals healthier by improving their assimilation of nutrients from what you feed them. Your animals will look better and require less food. Jackpot is all natural with no preservatives, heavy metals, or chemicals added.


Jackpot livestock probiotics brings beneficial, soil-borne microbes found in nature to your animals. These microbes, which help to maintain an animals’ digestive systems, used to come from the soil while animals are grazing. Livestock kept in contained areas cannot maintain proper amounts of these microbes in their digestive systems. This may lead to them becoming stressed so they don’t perform well. By adding Jackpot to the drinking water, you will see them look and perform better. They will gain weight yet eat less. Jackpot may be sprayed over the quantity of food the animals will eat at one offering. Do not apply to food and store it.


In many areas the last two-three years we have had drought across the country. This put stockmen of all levels in a bad situation without enough hay to go around. Some resorted to bailing any and everything they could just to have food for their herds. We had ranchers use Jackpot in these severe cases to help the animals get whatever nutrients they could from this poor quality hay. The results were fantastic as reports came in from Texas, Oklahoma, Idaho, and New Mexico. Cattlemen were saying it helped the animals survive and actually maintain their weight or loose very little.


Areas that Jackpot is used are feed yards, show animals, small and large herds are treated after worming or antibiotic use to get the rumen functioning well. I is also used as a drench (around 30 cc for 600 -700 lbs) for animals coming in from the range to help get animals eating and drinking faster because they are stressed from shipping, new environment, and diet change. Smaller animals require less as a drench.


Jackpot Livestock Probiotics can help your animals as well. Ask your local supplier to get Jackpot today.




Usual dose is one ounce (per 50 gallons of water) for best results; however it may be sprayed over the daily rations. For small watering containers use one ml per gallon of water once or twice per week. Under stressful times use daily.


Depending on the condition of the animal a drench will help speed up the recovery process. Depending on the size of the animal 10-15 cc for less than 400 lbs or 20-30 cc for up to 800 lbs. Jackpot is also used after worming and antibiotic use to get the beneficial microbes back into the digestive system. A drench may be made just before shipping to help the rumen handle the extra stress.




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