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Jackpot II
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Jackpot II Equine Probiotics

Item#: 1601R

Keep your animals healthier by improving their digestion.

Jackpot Livestock Probiotics brings beneficial, soil-borne microbes (bacteria) found in nature to your animals. These microbes, which help to maintain animals’ digestive systems, are contained in the soil and digested while animals are grazing. Livestock kept in contained areas cannot maintain the proper amounts of these bacteria in their systems.

Adding Jackpot Livestock Probiotics will help animals maintain that heavy level of beneficial microbes. Adding it to their drinking water or feed:


Helps them better utilize feed

Reduces stress caused by boarding/shipping/hauling

Helps reduce stress on animals from antibiotics use and worming. 


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Bio S.I. products come in a variety of sizes to meet your needs.